How to choose a good water bottle
How to choose a good water bottle

You realize that you need to drink more water. You’ve decided that having a water bottle, which you can always have with you, will best motivate you. But with so many types of bottles on the market, which one to choose? What should you consider before buying?

Natural materials – good for humans and the environment

Horrifically, humanity consumes enough bottles annually to circle our planet 26 times. Between 70 and 90 % of these bottles are never recycled. They wind up in the oceans, where they form islands of plastic which threaten the lives of sea animals. Many fish, whales, turtles and other sea life are injured or killed when they become entangled in plastics. They also consume plastics, including plastic bottles. When consumed by sea life, these plastics enter the food chain and eventually our bodies when we consume seafood.

Most bottles are never recycled and land in the oceans.

Most bottles are never recycled and end up in the oceans.

Despite their widespread use, plastic bottles are not suitable for water storage. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the main polymer used to produce plastic bottles. When plastic bottles are exposed to the sun or heat, bi-products of PET and bisphenol A (BPA) are released into the water. These are referred to as endocrine disruptors, because they mimic human hormones. Studies have shown that being exposed to such toxic contaminants on a daily basis can lead to detrimental health effects including: low birth weight in babies, behavioral issues in children and obesity in adults.

 Another aspect is hygiene. If one plastic bottle is re-used, over time impurities will accumulate which are difficult to clean. Although plastic bottles without BPA are available, plastic bottles can never be cleaned as thoroughly as glass. Therefore, we recommend selecting a glass bottle. Glass is a natural material and it can be recycled.

Glass bottle as a statement

Show the world that you care for our environment and for your health. By using a bottle made with natural materials, you are saying: “I do not buy plastic bottles, I do not pollute the environment, I am ecologically conscious.” And if the bottle is also beautiful, you are saying: “I found a beautiful water bottle, which I am happy to use.” It is well known that using things we like fills us with pleasure.

With the use of a bottle from natural materials, you are saying and showing: I do not buy plastic bottles, I do not pollute the environment, I am ecologically conscious. 

The first family of eco-friendly bottles

Nature’s Design has created eight different water bottles: Two Lagoena bottles in 0,5 l and 0,7 l sizes, one Thank You Kids (0.5 l), two Thank You bottles in 0,5 l and 0,7 l sizes, a Thank You Hot (300 ml) suitable for warm beverages and a Thank You Baby. All Nature’s Design bottles are made entirely with natural materials, which can either be recycled or composted. The bottles are made of glass. Two elastic rings made from natural rubber hold in place two sleeves shaped from natural cork. Lagoena bottles have a cap made from wood and natural resins; the Thank You bottles have the caps made of bio-plastic. Either of these caps will completely biodegrade in the compost within six months.

Big family of bottled made out of 100% natural materials.

Big family of bottled made out of 100% natural materials.

Lagoena Bottles – for lovers of elegance

Available in two sizes, 0,5 and 0,7 litres, the special feature of the Lagoena bottles is the wooden cap, the inside of which is made of natural resins. Over the years we have continuously improved the cap and are pleased to say it now seals properly.

Lagoena // Thank You Kids – for the creative class

Not only for kids. The right choice for all creative souls, who would like to have a unique water bottle. The bottle comes with watercolour pencils and templates. Give your imagination free reign and create something special and all your own.

Thank You – from birth to old age

Why not also use a bottle from natural materials for babies? The Thank You Baby 0,3 l has a nipple made of natural rubber which can be boiled. For different needs and activities, Thank You bottles of different sizes are available: 0,3 l, 0,5 l and 0,7 l. All three have a special cap which can be drank from directly. This is useful particularly during sports activities, since you don’t need to remove the cap.

A bottle that will be with you forever 

At Nature’s Design, we strive for as little waste as possible. That is why it is possible to purchase parts for our Lagoena and Thank You bottles. You can buy replacement caps, rubber rings, cork sleves, glass bottles, and even nipples for the baby bottles. Because you can replace any parts that become worn or damaged, you can consider your bottle a long-term purchase.

Check our shelf with bottles and you will surely find the right bottle for yourself!